Be a Free Soul on this Adventure Motorcycle by UML !!

Passionate about Road Trips or want to be a Solo Adventure Biker? Always wanted to go for that Leh Ladakh trip on a bike? Looking for a cruiser with Rs 2 lakh to spare?

The answer to all the questions are Renegade Commando and Renegade Sports S motorbikes by UML which are a good alternative to Avengers.

We all love Bike Rides, whether it is a road trip with friends or a Romantic day out,especially in monsoons which totally change the landscapes. Painting them greener, filling with hovering misty clouds, they transform the mountains, waterfalls and pristine valleys to picturesque paradise.

On a motorcycle like the Renegade Commando and Renegade Sports S, You’re no longer looking at shadows, but seeing the true objects of the world, experiencing them with all your senses. you find you’re willing to tolerate the occasional negative for the sake of being able to fully experience the positives.

The Renegade Commando Features an ergonomic riding position with pulled-back narrow handlebars for easy city commute, centered footrests for upright seating and a wide cushioned seat for hours of riding while you explore the world.One of the highlights of the outer styling is the conspicuous white star on the fuel tank.

The Renegade Sports S bikes are styled tastefully and dons a classic design. The lower portion of the bike is finished in black with splashes of contrast color are visible on the upper side. Handle bars are large and placed a tad high. Renegade Sports S offers features like a USB charging point, digital speedometer and storage below the rear seat, which is the first in its class, thus adding to its appeal.

renegade commando

Renegade Commando


Renegade Commando


Renegade Sports S


Renegade Sports S

UM is an all-new manufacturer itself, and has a 50:50 JV with Lohia Auto, while its roots are American. They claim cruiser virtues meaning the bikes should be comfortable enough to be ridden for long distances, which means they are great for the wandering souls. Good news is UM Motorcycles has started offering GST benefits on its motorcycles and this has reduced the price.

As India is not short of scenic trips to be explored by motorcycle’s, book you cruiser with the UML Bikes now and Get Going !!

Check out more on – Umglobal




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