My Trip to Paris – Khushboo’s Travelogue

Paris is the city of Love and Fashion and we decided to plan our first trip during the early spring of that year. As most of the people, I was fascinated with the thought of visiting Paris. Also as a young girl who has only seen the beauty of Eiffel tower in most of the Bollywood movies and only read about it, I could only picture myself standing in front of the giant tower with my husband and looking upto its beauty at night when the tower sparkles and makes the world look like a fairy tale.

We took a 3 hour long Thaly’s train ride from Amsterdam Centraal and reached Garu de Nord station by 8 pm on a Friday. But things dint turn out to be as smooth as we thought it would. The train was late & as soon as we got down the train, we were trying to figure out on how to catch a metro to reach our Hotel Le Baldaquin Excelsior, Very well connected to the metro station “Place De clichy”.

I already knew about the pickpocketing issue in Paris and also a bit about the language problem, but dint know we are going to face it very soon. After getting down from the train, we walked across the platform as reached an officer there for guidance to get to the metro station. Unfortunately, he dint speak English, and we couldn’t figure out what he said. We walked out the the Garu de Nord station and we saw 2 men and a girl walking beside us. While we were busy looking at our print outs for directions, one of the guy bumped into us. They apologized and left and by the time we realized that they had stolen our phone, they were gone, Far beyond our reach and sight.This wasn’t the perfect beginning of our trip as we expected. With the phone lost, No internet, we were panic stricken and felt stranded at the hauntingly looking station at dark.

We somehow managed to reach our Hotel. The room was adequately spacious and worth the amount we paid. The evening was spent changing passwords of all the App’s that w ere logged in from the phone and figuring out the “To Do List” after loosing the phone. The Next morning, we started afresh and tried to not spoil our first trip by brooding over the lost phone. More than the monetary loss associated with the phone, it was more of the feeling of insecurity that made us feel “Not So” comfortable in Paris.

A lot of people visit Paris every year from all the corners of the world, not knowing about the mis happenings that might happen on their trip. Due to the increased tourism in this city, the pickpocketing crimes have also increased to a significant number. I strongly urge everybody to be totally attentive and careful of your belongings while travelling anywhere in Europe, especially Paris & Barcelona. 

I was also unable to deal with the (mostly) bad service you get at restaurants in Paris – though I guess, with all the millions of tourists, you eventually stop caring.Talk about bad service, you’ll find plenty of that in Paris. So here are a few picture from my trip to take away the bad taste.



I guess this bridge is not there anymore.


A Perfect spot to get a perfect click



Call us Crazy, But yes we did it 😉

Nevertheless, that incident had given us a heads up to be more careful and not just be a carefree Traveler who can get robbed easily. We started exploring the city by visiting the famous Louvre Museum, after all who doesn’t want to click a selfie with Mona Lisa?

The Museum is huge and we started searching for Monalisa. As per map it’s almost in center. We’ve been lucky as the original painting kept for display today as our guide told us. The Original is kept hidden to avoid deterioration from camera flashes and may be due to the safety reasons. I only knew about the famous painting of Mona Lisa, but there are pieces of western works, ancient oriental Egyptian, Greek , Roman civilization along with Islamic and graphic arts.

Somehow managed to fit into this selfie with Monalisa

We then headed to see Arc de Triomphe and the Sacre Coeur during the afternoon and headed to check out the Eiffel Tower towards the end of the day.


The Majestic Arc De Triomphe

The Arc De Triomphe is a monument dedicated to all the French soldiers who died in the wars fought earlier. It is also said that beneath the Arc is the tomb of a soldier who died during the World War I.


BEWARE – Don’t let anybody tie a string/Bracelet on your wrist. They are scammers.

We booked our tickets online to avoid the long queue at the Eiffel Tower and went till the second floor. It is no doubt a breathtaking view from the top. We then strolled near the tower and checked out a few shopping spots while waiting for the sunset and to see the Eiffel tower in all its glory. 

Savouries you must try in Paris

  • Banana Nutella Crepe’s
  • Macarons
  • Croissants
  • Gelato ice cream

I wouldn’t say I had a really bad trip but it wasn’t totally a pleasant experience either. 

Also, having lived in Amsterdam for 7 months at the time of travelling, I was compelled to compare both the cities and was badly missing Amsterdam in terms of almost everything. The people here in Amsterdam are Direct, but I’m sorry to say that people in Paris were Rude to tourists, or may be I didn’t happen to meet the right one’s. Was it just my experience? Share your thoughts on your visit.


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